The Montreal Sukkah has been carefully designed to give you an elegant, comfortable, durable and easy to assemble Sukkah that would stand the test of time.

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More things to know about a Montreal Sukkah

  • Q: What about the Schach? A: We sell either Star-K or Kaynus Baddatz bamboo mats.

  • Q: Can you build my Montreal Sukkah for me? A: Yes! But we currently only provide installation services within the Montreal area.

  • Q: How long does it take to assemble? A: It would take you no more than one hour to assemble a standard size Montreal Sukkah.

  • Q: Where can I see a real Montreal Sukkah? A: You can practically knock on every Jewish home in Montreal, or simply visit our warehouse at 4810 Jean Talon West, suite 312.

  • Q: How fast will I get my Sukkah after I order? A: The sooner you place your order prior to Sukkot, the faster we’ll deliver your Sukkah.

  • Q: Does a Montreal Sukkah require much storage space? A: Absolutely not! In order to preserve the quality of your Sukkah, we recommend to store it away in your garage right after Sukkot. When the Sukkah is dismantled, you can stack the panels conveniently without taking up too much room.

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