Montreal Sukkah is a leading sukkah manufacturer specializing in the production of a superior quality modular sukkah.

A Revolutionary Sukkah

Since 1995 Montreal Sukkah has been providing Jewish homes, schools and congregations world-wide with a next generation modular Sukkah that blends innovative excellence with tradition and elegance. Learn more

Countdown to Sukkot

why you'll love a Montreal Sukkah.

It's built smart! The Montreal Sukkah has been carefully designed to give you an elegant, comfortable, durable and easy to assemble Sukkah that can stand the test of time.

it's a Sukkah like no other

It’s in the material! We’ve pulled out all the stops to combine the finest materials for strength and stability while being light weight for ease of assembly.

What makes it so great?

  • It’s a hassle free all inclusive solution with no additional components required.
  • It’s modular, so you can modify the size or model any time.
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